Embrace the language of Your Soul
At Beauty Way Studios, our main mission is helping our beloveds to embrace their soul's language. We do this by engaging in creative process of Intentional Creativity™ using inquiry through painting, writing, movement and conversation.
  1. Water Carrier
    Water Carrier
    She Carries the Sacred Waters of Life to her Community.
  2. Messenger In Between the Purple Rain
    Messenger In Between the Purple Rain
    Painting created at the time of Prince's passing. Honouring him as a messenger in between in so many ways.
  3. Bringer of Joy
    Bringer of Joy
    She Chooses Compassion
One of the main intentions behind my paintings is for them to speak via resonance of beauty to spark feelings of transformation and travel into new spaces of imagination. 
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Welcome Beloved
 “In Beauty I Walk, With Beauty Before Me, Behind Me, Above Me, Around Me, It Has Become Beauty Again” 
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